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Our History

In 1984 Francesco Borzone, with decades of experience gained in the maritime sector and with generations before him already well established in the port of Genoa, launched the services of World Lines: a true pioneer of shipping in Piedmont. 

In a short time, World Lines transformed from a European operator into an international freight forwarder. Realizes the project of the first Italy – Canada maritime line and opens offices in North America in 1986. 

Today World Lines makes the best of this passage of family skills. 

The main goal, today as then, remains to establish itself as a discreet and professional consultant for any type of company that wants to develop in international trade. 


Your container is never just a number among thousands!

Every shipment is king. An experienced team is always available for the customer and accompanies him in the choice of the best shipping way: keeps him updated, informs in advance about possible problems and avoids unpleasant surprises in the final invoice.

Where possible, customer can have pre-filled up documents, being released by heavy burocratic duties while assured by fully clear explanations.

Just send us an email.
We will do the rest.


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